When will there come new RTS?

Discussion in 'Uber Entertainment' started by emmanuelzl, August 2, 2017.


Would you like a new RTS from uber?

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  1. emmanuelzl

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    I have been playing planetary annihilation since 2015 and have also played the expansion Titans. I saw the failed project Human Rescources and i was very sad it failed. Now im hoping that there will soon come a new RTS from uber as i really enjoyed PA and hoping to see something in that style, or in the human rescources style.
  2. MrTBSC

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    regarding your threadtitle: when uber got enough money to risk making a new rts ..
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  3. trucdev88

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    Something in the vain that they just cannot add or change more mechanics without losing the classic RTS feel.
    One thing for sure RTS games struggle since the mid 00's is graphical fidelity, because after a certain point its pointless, you do not have the time or reason to zoom in and watch pointless details that will never make any difference in your gameplay. All they do is raise the hardware requirement, thus less sales.
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