Some Final Words on Super Monday Night Combat.

Discussion in 'Super MNC' started by kvalheim, May 10, 2018.

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    Some time in the last year, I kinda-sorta became a games journalist.

    I'm not entirely sure how that happened (the idea was always to be in dev), but I've been leveraging that to write a series of pieces where I am entirely on my bullsh*t. A thing on WoW communities for Polygon, an upcoming Jet Set Radio piece at Videogamer, yadda yadda.

    In line with that, this week I wrote, effectively, a love letter for Super Monday Night Combat over at Rock Paper Shotgun.

    A lot happened in the four, five years since this game was a vibrant, active community. Changed my name three times, once legally; went to uni, finished uni; became a comfortable, confident person (read: a cocky piece of sh*t). Started to make a name for myself in indie games, even if I'm not making any money.

    This piece is maybe more a weird personal-development-thing-whatever than an outright clamour for more MNC, but it's how I wanted to end my time on the game.

    SMNC swallowed my late teens, it was great while it lasted. Y'all were cool.

    Catch you next season.

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    Just popping in to say that was an awesome article.
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    Glad so much has happened since then. Can't say I suddenly became successful, I am a romhacker and alcohol enthusiast now, but in a small way, it does feel like life developed from having been here with SMNC and the path leading from it.

    P.S.: I'm keeping the signature. :cool:
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    Your article says things much better than I can! I long since moved on, but I still put 300 hours plus some change into SMNC. I'm sad that things turned out the way they did, but I'll be happy I got the opportunity to enjoy the game for as long as I originally did.

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