SMNC is dead.

Discussion in 'Super MNC' started by odokee, February 15, 2017.

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    Almost everyone is using hacks, even the leftover regulars. No legitimate players left (except the poor saps trying to get hats).

    It was bad enough with nuisance players like Avid and party pooper exploiting constantly with their lag-abuse gameplay. No one really wants a challenge. They are too scared, too awful, too lacking in integrity. And now, unless you're simply testing to see if your hacks can outdo the hacks other people are using, there's no point in trying to have a real match.

    Uber hasn't been banning anyone, and they had only banned the obvious hack-users. So I'm sure lots of old players got away with their cheats. Now, though, there's nothing stopping anyone. Any random no-name will toggle their speedhack on and aimbot you to death. There is no competition or skill involved.

    Known cheater Sideways recently asked why there are so many speedhackers lately. Well gee, maybe if you didn't cheat all the time with that supposed aim-assist that Uber claimed was impossible to abuse, then maybe other people wouldn't feel like cheating as well. But these fools can't play fair, so they ruin the game, and then more people ruin the game, ad infinitum. So good job, idiot.
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