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    and the same problem with any mod that changes the ai
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    How long ago did you install Queller? You had to manually remove the AI Compatibility Mod Patch Client and Queller AI Client if you have an old install that's been auto-updating, so make sure those are gone. If it's a fresh install then it's almost certainly another mod (client or otherwise) given that on a vanilla install Queller will display its personalities. Failing that you'd need to verify the file integrity of your game install.
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    Version 4.14.1 - 2017/09/10
    • Lobby message tells players how to select a Queller AI
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    There is a much larger v5 update in the works, but it's dependent on the new PA AI features currently in beta, so you won't see it until that update ships.
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    Version 4.15.0 - 2017-11-18
    • Platinum will build the GIL-E
    • Uber will build Shellers in response to GIL-Es
    • Uber will build GIL-E in response to advanced air
    • Fixed error in Uber's Gustav placement
    • Uber doesn't build the Monstrosity again
    • Tweaks to which base a structure is placed in and where in the base it's placed
    • Gold through Uber must be losing a planet more heavily before building a planet splitter
    • Casual will continue to use its Commander to build metal extractors throughout the game
    • Fixed error with lower levels checking how many radar satellites were moving through space
    • Fixed Platinum building nothing but Catfish from its naval factories
    • Uber is more likely to build defence by its MEXs
    • Fixed Uber not building AA by MEX expansions close to the main base
    • Properly exclude orbital factories from checks related to moving to T2
    • Bronze and Silver faster to get orbital factories once they've gone orbital
    • Bronze and Silver will scout with Marauders
    • Moved Novas into a valid air squad
    • Platinum and Uber will now rush orbital on multiplanet maps if other players have done so
    • Gold no longer builds the Necromancer
    • Uber builds more Catfish
    • Ensure Sparks are in the proper squad when teleporting
    • Ensure Bluehawks are always treated as a long-range unit
    • Removed the amphibious platoon
    • Less willing to disengage with short-range units like Infernos and Mauls
    • Uber places greater emphasis on protecting the Commander against nukes
    • Uber avoids spamming Barracudas just because it saw some Stokes
    • Uber more likely to build Iron Domes
    • Uber more likely to build the Tyr
    • Uber favours the Tyr over other Titans
    • Uber more likely to build Catalysts
    • Silver won't build Catalysts when the enemy is on the planet
    • Bronze and Silver won't put their only fabber to building a Catalyst
    • Fixed error which might have stopped some difficulties moving the Tyr between planets
    • Silver, Gold, Platinum and Uber require more orbital units before moving between planets
    • Stopped lower levels sometimes arriving and immediately leaving with orbital
    • Uber better about switching between Barracudas and Orcas as needed
    • Properly account for sub threats when building torpedo launchers
    • Gold, Platinum and Uber more likely to build torpedo launchers to defend MEX
    • Gold and Platinum more likely to build base defence
    • Uber builds less base defence
    • Build additional radars at the outskirts of territory rather than the interior
    • Uber will use Pelters only on land
    • Platinum and Uber won't build air on asteroids
    • Uber will correctly move to T2 naval in lakes without enemies when playing as Legion
    • Uber more willing to tech for hover ships in lakes
    • Fixed issue where Uber was sometimes unable to place MEX AA even though it wanted to
    • Bronze, Silver and Gold are a tiny bit worse at threat assessments than before
    • Uber Cautious no longer produces more initial advanced fabbers than Uber
    • Uber faster to build advanced factories in response to excess income
    • Uber more cautious in use of solar arrays
    • Uber will use more Avengers and Vipers
    • Uber will use the Imperator more
    • Uber will use support commanders when losing the air
    • Uber is more willing to use Novas
    • Uber places its base defences around Ramparts when playing as Legion
    • Properly account for Catapults when spacing defences
    • Uber brings out Mauls earlier when facing bots
    • Ensure Ramparts built to defend things are in range to actually defend them
    • When Uber is losing to air it prioritises getting factories which can produce anti-air
    • Uber gives greater weight to producing mobile T2 AA when required
    • Don't build multiple factories at once on a new world
    • Bronze through Uber won't build offensive structures on asteroids
    • All difficulties will use Catapults as an anti-orbital defence
    • Uber prioritises orbital if there's an orbital threat on a multi-planet map and it hasn't gone orbital yet
    • Uber won't build air Titans when alone
    • Uber and Platinum properly tech up naval when they can't expand
    • Always meets minimum fabber count regardless of terrain
    • Platinum and Uber are more aggressive about teching when they can't expand
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    Following the recent balance changes, is Uber Bot now trickier than Uber in a 1v1? Let me know.
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    Version 4.16.0 - 2018-01-06
    • Casual slower to expand
    • Casual builds Titans further from the base to avoid blocking them in with future builds
    • Modified recommended difficulty levels in readme
    • Uber Bot no longer builds vehicle factories when low on AA
    • Uber Tank no longer builds bot foundries when low on AA
    • Uber just as likely to tech to bots as vehicles when playing MLA
    • Fixed error preventing Uber Bot from properly spending its eco on T2 factories
    • Uber prioritises T2 over the need for more AA for the most part
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    Version 4.16.1 - 2018-01-09
    • Resolved an issue that could cause Bronze and Silver to stop expanding on island maps
    • Casual through Silver may now open naval first on maps like Pacific
    • Bronze and Silver will always open air or naval on island spawns to prevent expansion issues from occurring
    • Fix errors in Legion naval foundry placement
    • Additional checks to stop low levels crippling expansion with naval fabbers
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    Does Queller respect the build limit that you can set in;

    Steam\steamapps\common\Planetary Annihilation Titans\media\pa\ai\ai_config.json

    Having a-lot of trouble with AI spamming too many units (including bombers it doesn't use??) in long games which is causing the sim to bottleneck and slowly die.

    Would be greatly appreciated if you could make it so we can cap the amount of units the AI can build if it doesn't respect the default config..

    If someone could make a mod to force server to use double the threads for each task that would be great, can't see why it would be an issue if its really programmed asynchronously. Completely triggered that this game won't use more than half of my resources before killing itself.

    Love Your AI btw, Its amazing.
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    It builds bombers on empty planets to attack your attempts to build teleporters. Unfortunately the AI isn't great about going after them, but hopefully one day we'll get some of the AI fixes I know mikeyh got into beta at one point.

    Sim impact from the AI is almost always due to fabber build up though. You can use CTRL-P to see what's slowing the sim, and if it shows it's the AI then it's probably fabbers not unit numbers. Air is low impact due to ease of pathfinding and no collisions.
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    Version 4.17.0 - 2018-01-12
    • Increase spacing between Uber radar builds
    • Uber more likely to build additional radars when using ships
    • Casual MLA now correctly builds orbital fabbers from orbital factories
    • Casual MLA will now build Avengers from orbital factories
    • Casual Legion will not build T1 recon from T2 orbital factories
    • Casual through Silver won't build orbital transports on gas giants
    • Fixed building a transport for the Commander to retreat
    • Fixed not always moving orbital radar away from gas giants should they somehow end up there
    • No longer tries to transfer orbital scouts which don't exist
    • Casual and Bronze now scout with orbital on single planet systems
    • Casual will build the Helios
    • Air and Orbital Titans react to the presence of air and orbital units at all difficulties
    • Prevent low levels bouncing orbital scouts and radars between planets
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    Version 4.17.1 - 2018-01-13
    • Resolved an issue that would cause Gold to sometimes idle its naval factories
    • Lobby message now includes version number
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