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    So, I'm working on a 4 part Documentary about the last 7 years of Monday Night Combat, PA, Kickstarters and Uber themselves, and if anyone want's to be interviewed for the fourth episode where I talk fully about the community that sprung up around the game and the fandom in it's current state, please, inbox me as soon as possible.
    It's going to take a week or so before Episode 1 is even finished, so just watch this page for the uploads.
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    I am, through no merit of my own except relentless obsession with my deepest nostalgias. one of the more long-involved members of the community spanning from MNC360 Summer of Arcade release, to PC, then SMNC, then PA's kickstarter, early access, release, and it's really rather nice post-release content and functionality updates.

    Late in replying, because July 4th my managers took a week vacation a piece, leaving me having been very preoccupied.
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    Bruh, I better be in the documentary, will be happy to be interviewed

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