Human Resources, Start it again?

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Do you want Uber Entertainment to focus on Human resources?

  1. No, The game is dead to me now.

  2. No, They need to focus on planetary annihilation..

  3. Yes!!! Shut up and take my money!

  4. No, The game was a bad idea from the start.

  1. tatsujb

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    it's not just AAA games it's AAA games in the RTS sector and the RTS sector in particular.

    That being said and with all the context that goes with me (me supporting/liking PA and UBER) it's a realist assessment that UBER had burnt all their wildcards and were left with very poor popular standing and that hoping that this pitch wouldn't come off as a backstab with such a climate was just plain foolhardy.

    maybe it was then or never. maybe they were backed into a corner but there's no real way this could have gotten good public reception then and there.

    things would have had to have gone more satisfactorily with PA.

    and that's the situation.

    The slither of hope lies in another studio having enough interest in HR to purchase it and produce-release it. It's a long shot though.
  2. MrTBSC

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    speaking bout rts did you guys know that chris taylor left wargaming? so basicaly to me that sounds like the chance of getting another total annihlation being even less likely ..

    ontopic .. regarding HR as i mentioned before i doubt uber will try to make it any time soon unless they get VERY succesfull with VR ... which imo by now is doubtfull to be honest and even then if VRdevices are to be more common i am not sure they can make a succesfull product on that in the future ...
    realy the best i can think of is that a publisher gets them and gives them a chance for HR .. or in the case of thqnordic make another supcom (still stupid of nordic not offering it on sites like GOG) ..
  3. ozzyneil

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    I want this game and i want it now and if i don't i'll make it myself.:p
    You can watch a thousand trailers and just think Meh! seen it all before, but this just stood out so much i can't stop watching it.
    I don't know what i was doing in 2014 but i never saw this.
    Robot crazy crabs picking up the people looks insane and the bit where the creature rugby tackles the robot.
    There is one thing that that would be awesome if this should ever eventuate and that is the scene where the giant lobster dude snaps off the building and belts it over the robots head and you see it as a type of cutscene of the robot falling to the ground, can that be implemented into a game in real time or could you save the whole session and watch it all from any camera angle.
    Anyway please try again, I'll give you my left testicle.

    PS. Do it in VR and I'll give you both testicles.
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  4. sargeantsewell1

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    Yea I just found out about it IN 2017!!! I would love to play it though, they just need a little more advertisement.
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  5. Jagdfox

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    Just think UBER! These few replies represent only a tiny handful of people who didn't know about this game in the making and actually say they would would love to see it come to completion (most people are just too lazy/complacent to share their opinion; nod their heads and keep browsing) . Get the word out there about it and I bet it would have a a decent fan base/supporter group (I'd defiantly tell me buddies who're into RTS games about it if it restarts). All you have to do is implement what you show in trailers and deliver what you promise in interviews and fans of the hype will have nothing to gripe about. Don't pull a No Mans Sky and hold back on the discussed features and people can't gripe about being miss led. I'm sure it would be a good investment, if only interested parties know about it. I know advertising can be expensive and a lof of work, but getting the word out there through conventional adverts or social media really gets the fanball rolling, and I'll help if you give the thumbs up on this.

    Here's to hoping you complete this game, or other games of similar epic scale and succeed creating renown icons of RTS gaming.

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