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    I have PA in my Steam library since some time, but never managed to get it work. I have the choice between random things glitching inside the game without "--software-ui" or just a black screen, apart from the bottom chat line, in main menu with "--software-ui". From all I learned about these glitches the Chromium build into the game seems to loose it's OpenGL context and presents glitched textures from other sources (like parts of websites from another Chromium running). I can mitigate the bug by hovering over menu elements to get textures refreshed, but I don't consider the game playable in this state. Maybe someone can help. Thanks!

    AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 32GB
    AMD/ATI Tahiti XT 3GB
    Radeon on Arch
    Linux 4.11
    Mesa 17.1
    https ://pastebin .com/HHf9wUgN
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