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Discussion in 'Support!' started by champion8, September 13, 2017.

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    I am trying to set specific planets to be starting planets in a system I made. Some of the planets have been "advanced edited" with the ingame options. I have not changed ANY game files and am playing without any mods except for those that were automatically downloaded when I booted up the game.

    The "Use As A Starting Planet" appears to light up when clicked but does nothing (no checkmark displays either.) I should also mention that 3 other planets in the system are able to made as starter planets just fine but for some reason the planet I want to make into a starting planet does not work.

    This planet was previously marked as a starting planet but I made another planet the starting planet and now that one is stuck as a starting planet. This is very frustrating :/

    Heres a screenshot to show which planet I'm editing. I don't know what else to do to show the problem...

    Attached is my log file as well.

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    The system editor currently tries to clean up non starting planets so that they no longer have custom landing zones.

    eg you can not disable use as a starting planet if there are custom landing zones or if you are editing landing zones. ie delete them first.

    If you were reusing some old planets that were non starting planets that still contained custom landing zones you would be prevented from enabling use a starting a planet. This might happen with templates.

    That was changed this morning via a hot fix so you should now at least be able to enable use as a starting planet.
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    Doing gods work as always
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    God fills in on mikeyh's day off...
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