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    I've made a github containing a json file, which holds additional data about mods. Currently I've defined ways to specify youtube video and images (see the readme for the definitions), it could evolve to support additional things. The point of the json is to compile media for mods, that can be used by whoever wants it. Currently I'm using the list to generate content for mod pages on Other uses I can think of include other sites, a PA Hub plugin to access the media directly in PA Hub, and a mod which shows you media about mods you have enabled.

    The github:
    The direct link to the json:

    If you are a modder and want to contribute, you can edit the json at will as it is under the pamods organisation on github. If you are not a modder and want to contribute, I can add content to the list for you (pm me or post it in this thread). Thank you for any contributions, the more fleshed out the list is the better.

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